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Anentrepreneurrefers to a person who has an innovative business idea, who is willing to take the risk of implementing the idea, and who also takes on the role as leader of the company or organization -assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure.Theentrepreneur I interviewed was the CEO Of Alga Life Mrs.Shaima Al Qassab.She Chooseto be an entrepreneur because she sees that entrepreneurship brings value to the world where she can create products either better than the existing once or products that are innovative that can change a person’s life.Mrs. Al Qassab says to achieve your goals you need a plan where she plans for 5 years front it is one of the tips of any successful person without a plan it will make you flow ; sometimes flow is against what to accomplish so you know if you are in the right track or not.By being an Entrepreneur you will know your strengths and weaknesses Mrs. Al Qassab says that this journey teaches you a lot so usually does a table where she has strengths and weaknesses every single time so that she can move to the next stage of her life where her strengths are talking to people and convincing them , talking in a crowed ; her weaknesses are getting angry very quickly , anything can annoy her ; that she trust anyone she sees where she shouldn’t betrusting people very quickly itis not the right decision inbusiness sometimes.Alga life was a smallidea emerged from the desire of four female students for the safety of the environment, and after spending a long time at the chemical laboratories at the University of the United Arab Emirates, the students thought: Shaima Al-Qassab, WardaAl-Kindi, Khawla Al-Yamahi and Khadija Al-Yamahi in the invention of ink depends mainly on one component. After participating in the Innovation Week, specifically at the University of Science and Innovation Park in 2016, the four engineers decided to establish their small company, Algae Life, to begin their journey, which confirms their determination to expand their horizons and continue to expand them.The idea came up when all alga life’s team were having a conversation about the amount of money they spend each semester to buy ink cartridges to print their lectures. Later the conversation was moved to the impact of ink it has on the environment and our health. They did their research and entered the world of algae that will never be able to emerge from. With all the gathered information they came to know they were able to create 100% eco-friendly ink where they could save the environment and protect ourhealth. Mrs. Shaima says that it’snot she who motivated herself it was inside her when she was younger but at some certain point she lost it because
she was into an environment where she was pushed to do this and she’s lucky that it happened it all started when she joined an incubation program where she had to build a business in just 2 days where she learned to do marketing, finance , building the product and so on. Finally, being an entrepreneur main goal should be the one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. In the journey of being an entrepreneur you will learn to believe in yourself, intuition ;vision. According to theEntrepreneur Marina Rose (2017) “Workon reprogramming your brain to win, so you can pivot and learn from your failure.” The biggest achievement wasto do an eco-friendly ink that protects our health. Mrs. Al Qassabhad many difficulties andFailed many times while doing the ink but that didn’t stop her from reaching her goal. She had a strong inner drive that helped her to succeed. As she said Being kind,humble & Seeing yourself as a student in every situation& never forgetting your morals,ethics and the humanity in youis the most important thing.People may give negative comments towards what you do, like, think but the person should just believe in herself that they can still achieve it no matter what.

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