An illustrative example given by Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

An illustrative example given by Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Due to their small eco-memory life, the amount of these waste streams is constantly increasing. Currently, their growth may be estimated as three times faster than the average growth of the municipal waste. Given that the gold density in electronic and electronic scraps is much higher than the amount of gold in the gold mine, due to recovering from WEEE, potentially resulting in more environmentally harmonious mining activity.

To control the economic stability of the urban mining system and to focus more on product quality at production stage, the technical and economic liability increase should be transferred from the customer to the producer. Recycling and Minimization should be encouraged and promoted in the market related to stimulus, but adopt the most appropriate regulations and actions.

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If the green technology continues pushing, creative solutions will be strengthened by challenging the world’s rare metal envi-ronmental problems. Urban mining is one of them.
As related to information technology, it is really where product lifecycle management meets the requirements for intelligent use of resources.

Electronics folks often throw away an effective source of rare earth metals, and this electronics covers all the cities of the world. So, people are now using urban mining as a means of collecting electronic waste and re-claiming these rarefied electronics from rare earth metals. There are about 500 grams of tons of 4 to 6 grams of circuit board per ton of ore. (5)

Better Profibility of Urban Mining According to The Statistics

In the Urban Mining of E-Waste is Becoming More Cost Effective Than Virgin Mining report, researchers : Xianlai Zeng and Jinhui Li of Tsinghua University in Beijing and John A Mathews of Macquarie University in Sydney wanted to determine whether it is an effective alternative to recycled e-waste mining.


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