Alchemist’s Dream Come True Summary Great lake corporation is a chemical company that had become the world largest controller of lead additive

Alchemist’s Dream Come True
Great lake corporation is a chemical company that had become the world largest controller of lead additive. Great lake made Octel for bromine which is used in gasoline for the vehicle. The main concern of lead additive in bromine was it damage the brain of the children as well as it causes cancer and mental disorder. Some part of the world like Japan had already banned the TEL while the US was processing to shut down its production. Since some part of the first world had already banned the used and production of TEL except for third world countries in which Great Lake has shown the big opportunity of the market to sell their products.

Ethical Issue
Great lake has already known the results from the first world countries that banned the TEL, so how it is ethical for them to expand their business in third world country when they already knew the results and consequences? How is it ethical the products that have been phased out from developed countries concerning people’s health and environment would be sold to those poor countries? Does company have any moral responsibility towards third world country people? How will they go to be compensated when the effect will appear to people and society of that third world country?
Since Great Lake corporation has not violated any law. Hence there were no absolutes.
From the case study, the writer did not point out any violation of laws as well as any absolutes for Great lake corporation. Therefore, it can be said company was aware of the laws and its obligation. So, laws were not violated.

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Moral Philosophies
Ethical Egoism
Since the developed country like Japan and other EU country had already banned the use of TEL while US was processing to shut down its production. The company had sought the alternative options to run its business to third world country. There was a strong demand of TEL gasoline in third world countries where they could made unexpected profit.
Every business corporation seek the alternative place and option for their business so did by Great Lakes too because they already invest the money for the production to sell in the market. However, in third world countries due to lack of technology they were not ready to switch the unleaded fuel as demand was high in those nations. Therefore, Great Lakes were supplying their needs to fulfill the demands of third world countries. On the other hand, Great Lakes also need to admit that the major cause of air pollution in third world countries today is due to the use of their products.
Reasonable Man Approach
In this case the reasonable man to approach is by company itself and third world countries who were fulfilling their demands of gasoline through Great Lakes Corporation.
P-R Approach
 Since there was no news published in the front page of the newspaper of Great Lakes, however, there were some critics from the university professor who argued that Great Lakes and oil refiners who use TEL had underestimated the people health and environmental impacts of third world countries and situation would create even worse.


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