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Aging comes with many challenges, you get chronic illnesses, memory loss, hearing loss, and other complications as you get older day by day. Older people wonders who will take care of them when they grow old and who will help them when they get sick. All above are worries that elderly people face daily as they get older. People start saving up money for their retirement so they don’t have to face any financial issues. But today the main issue for the elderly population is their medical bills.

“Nationwide, the median annual cost of a nursing home in 2010 was $75,000; room and board in an assisted living facility, with no additional help, was $37,500; and the most basic category of home health aide, who can perform no medical tasks, like the dispensing of medication, was $19 an hour. These expenses are left to the elderly (and their adult children) to pay for out of pocket until their pockets are all but empty.”(Gross)

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