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After watching the movie, I realized something that these men are willing to fight for our country and do whatever it takes to achieve freedom. All the hardships, struggles, and other challenges they faced during that time was heroic. Many people had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. I realized that we are lucky to have them as our ancestors and it we have to recognize them as real heroes of our country. They all fought for our freedom if it wasn’t for them maybe we are still colonized by the other country and we didn’t have our own freedom. Imagine how hard it is to risk lives but in order for them to fought for the freedom that they wanted they willingly gave themselves and risk their lives in the battle, many died and many suffered but this is still a sign of heroic for being able to step up for your own country is heroic. We should be proud of ourselves, we the Filipino people should be proud of our ancestors for their bravery and heroic traits. This movie promotes the historical event s that had happened many many years ago and this was a great contribution in the Philippine Cinema because it shows the viewers and many Filipino how our land was defended by our own ancestors and I think that this type of movie is very important and very symbolic for our nation.

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