Addressing client’s cultural values and beliefs while providing interventions

Addressing client’s cultural values and beliefs while providing interventions.

The primary goal is “culturally congruent care” (a term given by Leininger in 1960s).

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It encouraged nurses to build a unique lifestyle with the consent of the client in an attempt to enhance the client’s well-being.

This mode of care emphasizes use of profession as well as generic method to brought different ideas into the goals of nursing care.
(Cuella, Brennan & Vito, 2008).
Concept Of Nursing : According to madeleine,
Nursing is a profession as well as a discipline.
Care is described as a great tool to explain phenomenon of nursing.
Care is a concern for people.
Professional knowledge and skills to perform procedures and techniques should be applied to provide care.

(Leininger 1970, Morse et al. 1990, Reynolds 1995, McCance et al. 1997)
Concept Of Person :
While planning care for the client, nurses must consider how the patient defines family.

Nurses plan and provide care to the individuals which should include families and communities.


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