Additionally, when we learn a language, there are four skills that need to complete communication such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Reading is an activity to get the information through textual. However, many students obstacle the problem in reading, it also happens to Thai students at SRRU. During our practicum teaching in Thailand, candidates knew that students’ ability in reading has a limitation. From what we observed, students cannot read even Basic English words correctly and they can even get the idea of what they read which seriously lead to demotivation and passive involvement in learning English especially reading skills. When we were teaching at SRRU, we decided to use the “Scanning and skimming” techniques to help them read. The way that we did are: we started the lesson by providing the reading sheet to each of them and gave the instruction before they started (refer appendix 6). We then introduced to them the term scanning and skimming and explain its benefits in reading activity. We had five easy questions posted on the article; students need to answer to all of the questions and we gave them five minutes to scan and skim the whole text. They had to find the information quickly and accurately then they had to come to the board to write the answers. There are some main establishments of using skimming and scanning in reading such as it helps students to get main idea quickly and it enables them to save time. First of all, the technique allows the readers to rapidly cover all the information and quickly identify the main points of the topic. The readers do not need to read all the words one by one and try to analyze. According to Sutz and Weverka (2015), when the readers skim a page, they take the main ideas from the reading material without reading all the words. The readers read for and seize upon words that appear to give the main meaning. Skimming is the process of speedy cover of reading issue to decide its gist or main idea. It is useful when the readers want to survey a text to gain a general idea of what it is about. The readers ignore the detail information and find only the main ideas. Rober (2011) also claimed that the skimming and scanning are two specific speedy reading techniques which allow the students to get information from a material quickly. Skimming may also define as a skill of getting the general idea of the text. It means that it needs only a short period of the time to read the text. It is because the general idea of the text is usually at the certain line. In another word, we skim certain parts of sentences of the text quickly. The second, using skimming and scanning help the learners save more time for another activity because the learners just quickly read to get the main idea of the passage, so it will save time. Taking less time in teaching and learning, it provides the students’ time to practice more learning activities. According to Kumkum (2008), skimming and scanning methods of reading save time. The learners seem to be taken three or four times faster than normal reading. Time (2011) Stated that skimming is used to gain a quick identification of the main ideas or information of a text usually when there are a lot of materials to read in a limited amount of the time. While scanning is used to looking for the details answer questions, he added that “For difficult content, skimming and scanning can, at best, help in doing whatever is possible when one is running out of time. Phil (2013) revealed that scanning and skimming are two of the most significant techniques in reading skill. Skimming is a reading strategy which helps the students to get the ideas of the text in a minuine of time. While scanning is the way to search through a book or a text quickly. The students can scan when they want an answer to a particular question. By using skimming and scanning technique during my teaching, we found that the majority of students have a great attitude about reading skill; in fact, they consider it as an important source of information. But the problem found here is that some students depend on dictionaries to help them in their reading. They find it very difficult to involve in the activity. Finally, teaching reading through scanning and skimming technique is the good way that enables most students to get the idea from a material very rapidly.


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