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In this group assignment, we had get a lot of information from our respected person, who provide our useful guideline. We like to show our appreciate Ms. Asni for giving us a useful guideline though few times of consultation. We would also like to appreciate to all those who had direct and indirectly provided us a useful guideline in this assignment.

Many people had provide us valuable commend suggestion especially our classmate and our own team members on this assignment to improve our assignment. We also fortunate we had a responsible leader, Mr. Yeoh Zhen Han had leaded our team done this assignment in time. Our leader had took his job and separate the assignment to us equally.
Last but not least, many thanks to our leader that had provide his full effort in guiding the assignment to finished the assignment in time. We have to like appreciate our friend especially who had guidance us to improve in our presentation skill for their commend and advice.

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