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Acidic and basic sites on [email protected] were determined by Boehm titration method (Boehm, 1994). Acid site were neutralized by 0.1 M NaOH, while basic site were neutralized by 0.1 M HCl. The results clear that [email protected] contains 0.87 and 0.47 mmol/g of acidic and basic sites, so acidic character was mainly controlled in the surface which make it better sorption for cationic dyes (Br.G, To.B) and azo dyes
The DC electrical conductivity (?DC) values of SVT-PUF, [email protected] and ZnONPs were measured at room temperature and found to be 1.23×10-8, 7.1×10-8 and 5.8×10-6 ?1 m-1, respectively. The conductivity of [email protected] is greater than PUF. This can be attributed to additional new groups due to the interaction between PUF and ZnONPs. Also, the higher conductivity could be due to the uniform distribution of zinc oxide on PUF, as the ZnONPs have excellent electric conductivity.

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