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According to (West, 2015), One of the virtues of portable gadgets is that they make it possible to customize educational element for person understudies. In most countries, instructors bargain with classrooms of exceptionally different understudies. Students come from distinctive backgrounds, have dissimilar interface, and learn in one of a kind way. In their person lives, youthful individuals are usual to personalized substance and immediate communications. They look for data around the clock and seek after data that is important to their specific interface. In fact, one of the benefits of mobile gadgets is their capacity to supply personalized computerized substance 24/7. Substance ought to be omnipresent and customized so that understudies can take after their learning interests and figure out where to get answers to essential questions. He also makes a research in turkey which majority of students from almost all universities that give the evidence by using mobile technology is effective for learning English. By training with electronics will bring positive attitudes and better results.


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