According to Bass

According to Bass (1990) effective delegation implies that one has been empowered by one’s superior to take responsibility for certain activities. Furthermore, delegation of tasks by manger is closely related to empowerment. According to Bass (1990) empowerment is a motivational concept related to self-efficacy. In other words, subordinates experience psychological empowerment when they feel responsible for meaningful tasks. Furthermore, delegation make subordinates feel that their job is meaningful and they are responsible for work outcomes. Managers are more likely to delegate to competent subordinates who have worked for them for a relatively long time. The trust between the subordinates and public managers is as a results of good working experience that is coupled with proper communication, clear objectives, competency to perform tasks at hand. Therefore, when subordinates are delegated, they may feel trusted, organisationally important, and higher status within organization. According to Gardner et. al. (2004) delegation may also boost subordinates’ self-esteem and make them believe that they are capable of performing tasks successfully and that their behaviour makes a difference. Moreover, delegation enables subordinates to exercise self-direction and control, provides employees with meaning, perceptions of self-efficacy and self-determination and the perception that they make an impact. Therefore, it is evident that trust and confidence are fostered through successful experiences with delegated tasks.


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