ABSTRACT Government of Telangana is committed to provide 2 Bed Room Houses to all the houseless poor families in the State through 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in a phased manner

ABSTRACT Government of Telangana is committed to provide 2 Bed Room Houses to all the houseless poor families in the State through 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in a phased manner. Each house will consist of 2 Bed Room, Hall, Kitchen and two toilets (bath-cum-WC) with a plinth area of 560 sq. ft. Besides two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen, the units will have two toilets, two lofts for storage and a kitchen platform. Toilets could be within or outside the house as the 560 sq ft house will also have a staircase and a common area. Infrastructure in each colony would consist of water supply, electricity, approach and internal roads, drainage and sewerage subject to a maximum of Rs 1.25 lakh in rural areas and Rs 75,000 in urban areas. The principle objective of my project is to design and execute multi storied building (G2). The design involves load calculations manually and execution of whole structure. The design methods are limit state design confirming to Indian Standard Code Practice. In this project the construction of all building elements which include footings, plinth beams, columns, staircase etc. are described. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. 2BHK HOUSE CONSTRUCTION IN TELANGANA Government of Telangana is committed to provide 2 Bed Room Houses to all the houseless poor families in the State through 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in a phased manner. Each house will consist of 2 Bed Room, Hall, Kitchen and two toilets (bath-cum-WC) with a plinth area of 560 sq. ft UNIT COST FOR 2BHK S. NoAreaUnit cost per each house (in Rupees)HouseInfrastructureTotal1RuralRs.5,04,000Rs.1,25,000Rs.6,29,0002UrbanRs.5,30,000Rs. 75,000Rs.6,05,0003GHMCRs.7,00,000Rs. 75,000Rs.7,75,000 Besides two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen, the units will have two toilets, two lofts for storage and a kitchen platform. Toilets could be within or outside the house as the 560 sq ft house will also have a staircase and a common area. Infrastructure in each colony would consist of water supply, electricity, approach and internal roads, drainage and sewerage subject to a maximum of Rs 1.25 lakh in rural areas and Rs 75,000 in urban areas. Chapter 2 PROJECT DETAILS Living/Dining RoomFlooring/ SkirtingCement Concrete FlooringWall FinishAcrylic Emulsion on plasterCeilingOil bound distemper on PlasterLightingStandard makes and brands All BedroomsFlooring/ SkirtingCement Concrete FlooringWall FinishAcrylic Emulsion on plasterCeilingOil bound distemper on PlasterLightingStandard makes and brands ToiletsFlooringCement Concrete FlooringWall FinishGlazed/Matt finished Ceramic tiles up to DADO level (approx. 2100 mm) Oil Bound Distemper on plastered surfaces above DADO levelCeiling FinishOil bound distemper on PlasterVanity CounterIndian StoneSanitary WareWash basin and European water closed (EWC) of standard makes brandsAccessoriesHealth Faucet along with necessary angle valves etc. of standard makes brandsKitchenModular KitchenStandard makes and brandsFlooring/SkirtingMatt finished ceramic tilesWall Finish2 high Ceramic Tiles DADO above counter. Oil Bound Distemper over plaster in remaining areaCeilingOil Bound Distemper on PlasterFixtures FittingsStainless steel sink mixer of standard makes and brands Provision for installation of geysersBalconiesFlooringCement Concrete FlooringWall FinishExterior grade paint on plasterCeiling FinishExterior grade paint on plasterHandrail ParapetsCombination of parapet walls and M.S. Handrails as per the functional and elevation requirements.External Wall FinishExternal Wall FinishExternal grade Anti-Fungal/ Anti-algal paint from reputed makes brandsStaircaseFlooringCement Concrete FlooringRailing Combination of parapet walls and M.S. Handrails as per the functional and elevation requirements.Wall FinishOil Bound Distemper on plasterCommon PassageFlooringCement Concrete FlooringWall FinishWhitewash/oil bound distemper on plasterCeiling FinishWhitewash/oil bound distemper on plasterDoors WindowsMain Entrance door0.9 X 2.10 m Mild Steel shop welded doorsInternal Door0.75 X 2.10 m Mild Steel shop welded doors.HardwareLocks, Handles Knobs from reputed makes and brandsRoom windowMild Steel shop welded doors.Living Window0.90 X 1.20 Mild Steel shop welded doors.Kitchen Window0.90 X 1.20 Mild Steel shop welded doors.Electrical Wiring InstallationFixtures and FittingsI.S. Compliant Modular Switches / Sockets, Distribution Boxes and Circuit breakers from standard makes and brands.WiringI.S. Compliant Copper wiring in Concealed conduits.PointsElectrical points for Exhaust Fans in Kitchen Toilets. Electrical points provided in appropriate locations in Bedrooms and Living Room. Chapter 3 BUILDING MATERIALS A building structure is composed of different types of material these materials are called as building materials. The materials used in building are on basis of availability and cost. To construct a building the essential building material are as follows 3.1. Cement The cement, often called the magic powder is a fine ground material consisting of compound of lime, silica, alumina and Iron. When mixed with water it forms a paste which hardened and bind the aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed rock, etc.) together to form a durable mass called as concrete. Cement is the binder that holds concrete and mortars together. That is why it plays the most critical role in giving strength and durability to the building. Cement used for residential building is basically of three types 3.1.1. Portland Slag Cement Confirming to IS455, it is a combination of good quality blast furnace slag from the iron steel industry with clinker. 3.1.2. Portland Pozzolana Cement Conforming to IS 1489, it is a combination of fly ash (from thermal power plant) with clinker and gypsum. Pozzolana cement is prepared by grinding Portland cement clinker with pozzolana. This type of cement is largely used in marine structure. 3.1.3. Ordinary Portland Cement 33 grade conforming to IS 269, 43 grade conforming to IS 8112 and 53 grade conforming to IS 12269.It is a combination of clinker and gypsum of good quality. Ordinary Portland cement is manufactured by first burning at a very high temperature the mixture of calcareous (mainly calcium carbonate) and argillaceous (mainly clay) and then grinding the product (i.e. clinker) with small amount of gypsum into a fine power known as Ordinary Portland Cement. Ordinary Portland Cement of grade 43 has been used in all the works at the Site. Good quality cement has the following features Reduced water requirement Improve Workability Less permissible to moisture Improved resistance to acid and chlorides Reduced heat of hydration Easier to finish Reduced shrinkage Reduced leaching problems because it has low content of free lime 3.2. Sand These are cohesionless aggregates of either, rounded sub rounded, angular, sub angular or flat fragments of more or less unaltered rock of minerals consisting of 90 of particles of size greater than 0.06 mm and less than 2 mm. Alternatively, these are coarse grained cohesion less particles of silica derived from the disintegration of rock. The silt content in sand sample should be less than or equal to 8. These are of three types 3.2.1. Coarse Sand It is one which contains 90 of particles of size greater than 0.6 mm and less than 2mm. 3.2.2. Medium Sand It is one, which contains 90 of particles size greater than 0.2 mm and less than 0.6 mm. 3.2.3. Fine Sand It is one, which contains 90 of particles of size greater than 0.06 mm and less than 0.2 mm. Proper selection of sand is critical in the durability and performance of concrete mixture. It should be Clear, angular and hard, free from clay, mica and soft, flaky material graded, which means it should be a mix of fine, medium and coarse sand free from contaminates. Contaminants such as sea salt are consistent in moisture (water) content which should not exceed 7. When mixing concrete, the moisture content must be taken into consideration. The price of sand includes three or four components base cost transportation handling and number of Intermediaries. Procuring sand in bulk directly from the source will be cheaper. Your neighborhood dealer in his case likely to be costlier, except when you need smaller quantities. 3.3. Building Stone Building stones are obtained from the rocks occurring in nature. The stones are used into construct the foundation, super structure and many of the building components. The various stones derived from these types of rocks are as follows Principal stones from igneous rocks Granite, Basalt and Trap. Principal stones from sedimentary rocks Sand stone, Shale, Lime stone Principal stones from metamorphic rocks Quartzite, slate and marble. Properties or requirement of good building stone A good building stone should possess several characteristics such as high strength (crushing strength 1000 kg/cm2) high durability, sufficient hardness (coefficient of hardness 14), high resistance to wear, good fire resistance, specific gravity more than 2.7, crystalline structure, high impact value (toughness index 13), low water absorption (percentage absorption after 24 hours is less than 0.6), weather resistance and better appearance. 3.4. Bricks Bricks are distinguished by their base (row) material and size. Standard burnt clay bricks come in the size 10 x 5 x 3. Modular bricks, rarely used because they are not easily available, come in size 200mm x 100mm x 100mm (including mortar thickness). Fly ash bricks, sometimes also come in modular form. Conventional bricks have frog (depressed/raised portion) on one of the larger surface bearing the manufacturers brand. These also provide a good mechanical key for bonding (lock ability) with mortar. The modular bricks do not have the frog on them. Fly ash bricks exhibit almost same mechanical properties as burnt clay bricks. Exposed brickwork with precise pointing is possible if the shapes are perfect. Bricks used for outer walls are insitu casted cement bricks of size 10 x 8 x 6. Bricks used for inner/partition walls are insitu casted cement bricks of size 10 x 8 x 4 Fig. Bricks used at construction site Fig. Bricks used in constructing walls. 3.5. Aggregates Aggregates is a general term applied to those inert (that chemically inactive) material, which when bounded together by cement, form concrete. Most aggregates used in this country are naturally occurring aggregates such as sand, crushed rock and gravel. Aggregates for concrete are divided into three categories 3.5.1. Fine Aggregates Most of which passes through 4.75 mm I.S. sieve and retained on 150 microns. 3.5.2. Coarse Aggregates Most of which passes through 63 mm I.S. sieve and retained on 4.75 micron. Aggregates passing through 20 mm and 10 mm sieve are used at this construction site Fig. Aggregates used in construction 3.6. Uses of Aggregates Naturally occurring crushed aggregates can be used for producing any type of good concrete or R.C.C. for construction purpose. Broken brick aggregates are used to produce plain concrete but not suitable for R.C.C. which is lighter than broken stone aggregate. Air-cooled blast furnace slag, which is a by-product in the process of pig iron, forms a stronger and durable concrete when mixed with sand, and has a high fire resistance. RCC stands for reinforced cement concrete. To enhance the load carrying capacity of the concrete it is reinforced with steel bars of different diameters provided in an appropriate manner. Such concrete is called reinforced concrete and the bars are called the reinforcement. These bars are provided at various locations to resist the internal forces, which are developed due to the loads acting on the structure. 3.7. Reinforcement Steel Reinforcing steel contributes to tensile strength of the concrete. Concrete has low tensile, but high compressive strength. The tensile deficiency is compensated by reinforcing the concrete mass through insertion of twisted mild steel bars. Both branded and unbranded bars are available. It is wise to buy good brands, the names which are marked on the steel. During construction makes sure that steel reinforcement is provided exactly engineering design specification. Fig. Reinforcement Bars used at construction site. Precautions Steel bars/rods should be responsibly clean and free of rust. Bars that cannot be easily bent manually or mechanically should be rejected. Optimum length bars must not be chosen to reduce wastage in cutting. To avoid laps, shorter bars must not be accepted Welded length of the bars should not be accepted Fe 500 reinforcement steel has been used at Construction site 3.8. Water The strength and durability of concrete depends also on the amount of water mixed with it. Too much or too little water can adversely affect the strength of concrete. After concrete is cast, water is used to cure it so that the temperature is controlled and concrete matures slowly. It is very important to use clean, potable water in quality concrete production. Brackish or salty water must never be used. Contaminated water will produce concrete mortars with lower durability, erratic set characteristics and inconsistent color. The pH of water used for mixing of mortar/concrete should not have pH less than 6. Chapter 4 REINFORCED CEMENT CONCRETE Plain concrete is very strong in compression but its tensile strength is only about 1/10 of the strength in the compression. So, the use of the plain concrete is limited to the structure in pure compression. Steel being equally strong in compression and tension, is therefore used to reinforce the concrete in a suitable way so that it can be used to build supporting structure where tension also develops. Concrete, thus reinforced is known as reinforced concrete. This combination is made because long steel bars can develop its full strength where it cannot carry equal amount of compressive force due to its buckling which is caused by the slenderness. Thus, the combination of concrete and steel bars has proved to be ideal, as the two materials are used to resist the stresses for which they are most suitable. Fig. Reinforced Cement Concrete at construction sit 4.1. Properties of the reinforced cement concrete The concrete develops very good bond with the surface of the steel bars and, therefore the stresses are transferred from one material to the other which cannot resist individually. The steel possesses a high tensile strength. A high modulus of elasticity and same coefficients of expansion and contraction as concrete. Due to equally near coefficients, no internal stresses are set up within reinforced concrete due to variation in temperature. The coating of cement grout or paste on the surface of the reinforcement protects it from corrosion and at the same time it does not chemically react with reinforcement 4.2. Advantages of reinforced cement concrete It is overall economical in ultimate cost. Its monolithic character provides more rigidity to the structure. It is highly durable and fire resisting. It is not affected by the vermins termites fungus or such other insects. Well compacted R.C.C. structure is impermeable to moisture penetration. Care and cost of maintenance of R.C.C structure are almost negligible. The fluidity of the concrete and flexibility of reinforcement make it to possible to mould the R.C.C. members into variety of shapes. 4.3. Design Philosophy R.C.C. design of building is being carried out mainly by three methods of design. They are namely Working Stress Method (WSM) Ultimate Load Method (ULM) Limit State Method (LSM) The Limit State Method is now being vogue in all government design offices and premier private consulting firms. The B.I.S. have published IS456-2000 incorporating the use of the Limit State Method of design. The designer should therefore get well versed with the theory of Limit State Method. 4.4. Limit State Method Limit State Method is a judicious amalgamation of Working Stress Method and Ultimate Stress Method, removing the drawback of both of the method but retaining their good points. It is also based on sound scientific principles and backed by 25 years of research. The Limit State Method has proved to have an edge over the Working Stress Method from the economic point of view. Consequently, we need no stick to Working Stress Method anymore. Besides analytical part of the structural design, following factors should also be kept in mind while designing the structure. Strength of structure. Durability of structure. Serviceability of structure during construction as well as during design life time of structure. Economy in building material and ease of constructions. Economy in cantering and form work. Aesthetics of structure. Chapter 5 PLAIN CEMENT CONCRETE Plain Cement Concrete is a composite material used for construction of various civil engineering structures. It is obtained by mixing the basic ingredients such as cement, Fine aggregate (normally sand) and coarse aggregate (normally stone pieces) in required proportions. Water is added in the required measure and the mixture is put into a mechanical mixer to achieve concrete. Concrete is poured into the formwork (mould made up of plywood, steel plates and timber) to get the desired shape. It is then vibrated to achieve proper compaction (uniform denseness). High temperature is generated through chemical reaction in this process. Curing (control of temperature) with water is essential to achieve the desired strength of the concrete. Concrete gains compressive strength progressively with time. The strength achieved at the end of the 28 days is called the Characteristics Compressive Strength of the concrete and is designed as a Grade. About 60 of this strength is achieved at the end of the 7 days from the date of casting. Concrete continues to gain strength even beyond 28 days, albeit marginally. The form is subsequently removed. Fig. Plain Cement Concrete at construction site Design Mix at construction site PCC of Grades M-20, M-25, and M-30 were used at the site with different design mix. 5.1. Properties of concrete 5.1.1. Strength of concrete It should have high compressive strength. The tensile and shear strengths are generally about 8 to 12 and 8 To 10 of their compressive strength respectively. The compressive strength of concrete is affected by several factors such as Quality of the material and grading of the aggregates Water Water cement ratio Cement content Age of the concrete Method of mixing placing compacting and curing. 5.1.2. Durability of Concrete The concrete possesses a high durability value as it is not much affected by atmospheric action. On the contrary, with the age, the concrete goes on hardening, thereby increase in the strength. It is the property, which gives this material a distinct place among the building material. 5.1.3. Elasticity of concrete The concrete is not truly elastic material and elastic modulus is effect by the strength, age, and moisture content of the concrete and the type of the aggregate used. The concrete undergoes an extra strain in addition to instantaneous strain on applicable of a load or stress, sufficient time. This extra strain is called creep of concrete and is permanent in character not recovered on the removal of load. 5.1.4. Shrinking of concrete The concrete has a tendency to shrink under following conditions (a)There is initial shrinkage of cement concrete, which is mainly due lo loss of water through forms, absorption by surface of forms. (b)The shrinkage of cement concrete occurs as it is hardened. This tendency of shrinkage on one-hand causes cracks in concrete, while on the other, it grips the reinforcement tightly and hence proper bond between concrete and reinforcement when used in R.C.C. work. 5.1.5. Fire resistance of concrete Concrete is good insulator and has a fairly good fire resistance owing to the presence of pores and also water. 5.1.6. Workability Workability is the most elusive property of concrete. A concrete is said to be workable if it can be easily mixed, Handled, Transported, placed in position and compacted. A workable concrete should not show any segregation or bleeding. The segregation is said to occur when the coarse aggregate tries to separate out from the finer material and this result in concentration of coarse aggregate at one place and fine material at another place in mass concrete. The segregation creates larger void and reduces the durability and strength and both. The bleeding of concrete is said to occur when excess water comes up at surface of concrete effected by many factors Shape of aggregates Grading and size of aggregates Ratio and coarse and fine aggregates Efficiency of mixing Quality of water and use of any mixture. For minimum strength, the desired workability of fresh concrete can be attained by following measure The proportion of coarse aggregate may be reduced, because the finer is the grading, the greater will be workability. The portion of the coarse aggregate may be reduced while on the other hand corresponding increases may be made in that of the finer aggregates. The process of mixing concrete can be repeated second time by use of vibrator. 5.2. Water Cement Ratio The correct quantity of water cement ratio required for a particular mix depends upon various factors such as mix proportions, type and grading of aggregate, method of compaction applied and weather condition On the other hand, workability of a concrete mix increases as the water content or w/c ratio of mix increased, because the water lubricates the mixture. But, at the same time increase in water content and decrease in strength. Excess of water, further weaken the concrete, produces shrinkage cracks and decreases density. 5.3. Manufacture of the PCC In the mixture of concrete, it is almost Important to ensure that the concrete of predetermined proportion is continuously placed in position in such a way that each batch almost like the other batches as far as possible. 5.3.1. Mixing of concrete Mixing of concrete may be carried out by hand or machine (by using mechanical mixture) but the mixing by machine is always preferred. Mixing by hand In this, mixing carried out by hand on a clean, hard and water tight platform. Firstly cement, sand, aggregates are mixed by hand with the help of the shovel and a desired quantity of water added to it and mix properly. This type of mixing is carried out in small work or unimportant work. Mixing in machine The machine used for mixing concrete is known as mechanical concrete mixture. There are two main type of concrete mixer is commonly us namely Continuous mixers are used ibn massive construction such as dams, bridges, etc., which involve the use of large mases of concrete and also required the continuous flow of concrete. Batch mixer is most commonly used and consisting of a revolving drum with blades or baffles inside it. In batch mixer, all the material of desired proportioned mix is fed into the hopper of revolving drum on being rotated at a certain speed mixes the material with the aid of a series of blades providing inside, the resulting mix is finally discharged from the drum and conveyed for used. 5.4. Transporting the concrete Transporting the concrete mix is defined as the transferring of concrete from the mixing plant to the construction site. Keep in mind that not all concrete is mixed on the actual construction site and could require some significant travel. This is most common for ready mixed concrete. The main objective in transporting concrete is to ensure that the water cement ratio, slump or consistency, air content, homogeneity is not modified from there intended states. The concrete is transported commonly by the steel pipes. 5.5. Placing and finishing concrete Mixing, transporting and handling of concrete should be carefully coordinated with placing and finishing operations. Concrete should not be deposited more rapidly than it can be spread, struck off, consolidation, and bull floated. Concrete should not be deposited more continuously as near as possible to its final position. In slab construction placing should be started along the perimeter at one end of the work with each batch placed against preciously dispatched concrete. Concrete should not be dumped in separate piles and then levelled and worked together nor should the concrete be deposited in large piles and moved horizontally into final position. 5.6. Consolidation In some types of construction, the concrete is placed in forms and then consolidated by temp. the consolidation compacts fresh concrete to mould it within the forms and around embedded items and reinforcement and to eliminate stone pockets, honeycomb and entrapped air. It should not remove significant amount of intentionally entrained air. 5.7. Vibration Either internal or external is the most widely used method for consolidating concrete. When concrete is vibrated, the internal friction between the aggregate particles is temporarily destroyed and the concrete behave like a liquid it settles in the forms under the action of gravity and the large entrapped air voids rise more easily to surface. Internal friction is re-established. 5.8. Finishing Concrete that will be visible, such as slab like driveway, highway or patios often need finishing. Concrete slabs can be finished in many ways, depending on the intended service use. Options include various colors and textures, such as exposed aggregate or a patterned stamped surface. Some surface may require only strike off and screeding to proper contour and elevation, while for other surface a broomed, floated, or troweled finish may be specified. In slab construction screeding or strike off is the process of cutting of excess concrete to bring the top surface of the slab to proper grade. A straight edge is moved across the concrete with a saving motion and advanced forward a short distance with each movement. Chapter 6 ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING 6.1 Definition Every building starts with a concept and a design. Architects are involved at every stage of the process, even after a design has been finalized, helping other building team members through the snares and missteps in the construction process. Anarchitectural planis a HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design o Design designand planning for a HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building o Building building, and can contain HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Architectural_drawing o Architectural drawing architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentation. In my project the architectural plan contains 2 blocks which contain 4 houses in each block i.e.,8 houses in each floor and there are 3 floors including ground floor (G2) and there are 24 blocks and hence totally 576 houses are being constructed. 6.2 Floor Plan Chapter 7 STRUCTURAL PLANNING 7.1. STAGES OF STRUCTURAL PLANNING Once the type of structure is finalized and planned, design of structure involves the corresponding stages in the planning. i. Column positioning. ii. Orientation of columns. iii. Beam location. iv. Spanning of slabs v. Lay out and planning of stairs vi. Type of footing Column Positioning The guiding principles, which help in deciding the positioning of columns, are a. Columns should be preferably located at or near the corner of building and at intersections of walls because basically the function of the Column is to support beams, which are normally placed under the walls to support them. b. When the center distance between the intersection of walls is large or where there is no cross wall, the spacing between the two columns is governed by limitations on span of the beam. As the span of the beam increases. Therefore, large spans of beam should be avoided for economy reasons and from the considerations of controlling the deflection and cracking. c. Columns should be avoided inside a big hall as it mars the functional utility and the appearance and obstructs the clear view and usable space. d. Large spacing of column not only increases the span and the cost of the beams but it increases the load on the column at each floor posing problem of stocky column in lower stories of multistoried building Orientation of Columns Normally columns provided in a building are rectangular with width of column not less than the width of the supported beam for effective load transfer. The following guidelines can be useful for deciding the orientation. According to requirements of aesthetics and utility, projection of column outside the wall and inside the room should be avoided as they are not only give bad appearance but also obstruct the usage of corners and create problems in placing furniture flush with the wall. The depth of column shall be in the plane of the wall to avoid such offsets. When a column is rigidly connected to beams at rigid angles. It is required to carry moments in addition to axial load in such cases, the column should be so oriented that the depth of column perpendicular to the major axis of building so as to get moment resisting capacity. Also, when the effective length of the column in one plane is greater than that in other plane at right angles, the greater dimension shall be in the plane having larger effective length. The sizes of columns which have been used in design of Building are 230 X 300. Position of beams Following are some of the guidelines for beams. 1. Beams shall normally be provided under the walls or below a heavy concentrated load to avoid these loads directly coming on to slabs. 2. Since beams are primarily provided to support slabs, its spacing shall be decided by the maximum spans of slabs. iv. Spanning of Slabs This is decided by the positions of supporting beams or walls. When the supports are only opposite sides or only one direction, when the slab act as a one way supported slab. However, the two-way action of slab does not depend only on the manner in which it is supported but also on the aspect ratio or reinforcement in two directions and boundary conditions. v. Layout of Stairs The type of stair and its layout is governed by the available size of staircase room and positions of beams and column along the boundary of staircase. vi. Choice of Footing Type Among the various types of footings, the suitable type of footing required for the structure shall be based on the applied loads, moments. Force and the induced reactions and to ensure that settlement of any kind shall be as uniform as possible. For trained structures, isolated column footings are usually preferred, except in the case of soil with low bearing capacity. If columns are very closely spaced and bearing capacity of soils is low raft foundation is used. If any column of a structure is near the property line, combined footing of strap footing can be provided. CHAPTER 8 LOADING CONSIDERATIONS This stage involves determination of various types of loads that are acting on the structures. The values of types of loads are taken from the relevant IS-codes. 8.1 TYPES OF LOADS Various types of loads on a structure and requiring consideration in design are 1. Dead Load 2. Live load 3. Seismic load 4. Wind load 8.1.1 DEAD LOAD This is the permanent or stationary load like self-weight of structural elements. This includes self-weight, Weight of finishes, Weights of partition walls etc., Dead loads are based on the unit weights of elements, which are established taking in to account materials specified for construction, in IS-1911-1967. 8.1.2 LIVE LOAD AS PER IS 875 (PART2)-1987 These are non-permanent or moving loads. This type of load includes the following. a) Imposed loads (fixed) weight of fixed seating in auditoriums, fixed machinery, partition walls. These loads, though, fixed in positions cannot be relied upon to act permanently throughout the life of the structure. b) Imposed loads (not fixed) these loads change either in magnitude or position very often such as traffic loads, weight of furniture etc., LOADING STANDARDS The loads that are considered in the design are based on IS-875-1964. 1. The Dead Loads R.C.C 25 kN/m3 P.C.C 24 kN/m3 Brick masonry 19 kN/m3 Floor finishes 1 kN/m3 2. The Live Loads On floors 4 kN/m2 On roofs 2.5 kN/m2 On stairs 5 kN/m2 8.1.3. EARTHQUAKE LOAD Seismic motion consists of horizontal and vertical ground motions, with the vertical motion usually having a much smaller magnitude. Further, factor of safety provided against gravity loads usually can accommodate additional forces due to vertical acceleration due to earthquake. So, the horizontal motion of ground causes the most significant effect on the structure by setting up inertia forces throughout the structure. The magnitude of the horizontal shear force F depends on the mass of the building M, the acceleration of the ground a, and the nature of the structure. If a building and the foundation were rigid, it would have the same acceleration as the ground as given by Newtons second law of motion, i.e., FMa. However, in practice all buildings are flexible to some degree. For a structure that deforms slightly, thereby absorbing some energy the force will be less than the product of mass and acceleration but, a very flexible structure will be subjected to a much larger force under repetitive ground motion. These shows the magnitude of lateral force on a building is not only dependent on acceleration of the ground but it will also depend on the type of the structure. As an inertia problem, the dynamic response of the building plays a large part in influencing and in estimating the effective loading on the structure. The earthquake load is estimated by seismic co-efficient method or Response spectrum method. 8.1.4. WIND LOAD The wind load is the most important factor that determines the design of tall buildings over ten storeys, where storey height approximately lies between 2.7-3.0m. Buildings of up to ten storeys, designed for gravity loading can accommodate wind loading without any additional steel for lateral system. This is due to the fact that wind loading on a tall building acts over a very large building surface, with greater intensity at the greater heights and with a large moment arm about the base. So, the additional steel required for wind resistance increases nonlinearly with height. The lateral stiffness of the building is a major load for the designer of multistoried buildings. Prediction of wind loading in precise scientific terms may not be possible, as it is influenced by many factors such as the form of terrain, the shape, and slenderness, the solidarity ratio of the building and the arrangement of adjacent buildings. The appropriate design wind loads are estimated based on two approaches. Static approach is one, which assumes the building to be a fixed rigid body in the wind. This method is suitable for buildings of normal height, slenderness, or susceptible to vibration in the wind. The other approach is the dynamic approach. This is adopted for exceptionally tall, slender, of vibration prone buildings. Sometimes wind sensitive tall buildings will have to be designed for interference effects caused by the environment in which the building stands. The loading due to this interference effects is best ascertained using wind tunnel modeled structures in the laboratory. However, in the Indian context, where the tallest multistoried building is only 35 storey height, multistoried buildings do not suffer wind induced oscillations and generally do not require to be examined for the dynamic effects. 8.2. LOAD COMBINATIONS LIMIT STATE OF COLLAPSE LOAD COMB 1 1.5DLLL LOAD COMB 2 1.5DLWL LIMIT STATE OF SERVICEABILITY LOAD COMB 3 1.0DLLL LOAD COMB 4 1.0DLWL LOAD COMB 5 1.0DL0.8LLWL Chapter 9 FOOTINGS 9.1. THEORY OF FOOTINGS Footing or Foundation is defined as the part of substructure, which transmits the load from superstructure to surrounding soil stratum safely. Foundations are classified in to two types. 1. Shallow foundation 2. Deep foundation The depth of the foundation is less than or equal to the width of the foundation then the foundation is said to be shallow foundation. If the depth of the foundation is greater than width of the foundation then the foundation is said to be Deep foundation. Design of footing mainly depends on the safe bearing capacity of the soil on which the footing rests and the load coming from the superstructure. Footings may be Isolated, Combined Isolated or independent footings are the footings that support the individual columns. They distribute and spread the load over a sufficiently large area of the soil stratum to minimize the bearing pressure. Isolated footings may be square, rectangular or circular. In general, it is assumed that the soil behaves elastically i.e. the strain in the soil is proportional to applied stress i.e., stress and strain distribution in the soil immediately under the base of the footing is linear. Stress distribution is different for different soils. For analysis purpose, a footing can be compared with a rigid body in equilibrium subjected to loads. Like other structural members, a footing is designed to resist shear forces and bending moments. In design, for any soil the pressure distribution is assumed to uniform. In design, the critical section for one-way shear (beam shear) is at a distance equal to the effective depth, d from the face of column footing. The critical section for two-way shear or slab type shear shall be at a distance d/2 from the periphery of column, perpendicular to the plane of the slab. The critical section for bending moment is at the face of the column. Generally, the footing is sensitive to punching shea Chapter 10 FORMWORK Temporary Supporting Structures are those structures which are temporarily required in building construction either for supporting the laying of concrete till it gets matured, such as Formwork or Forms or Shuttering. As fresh concrete is in a plastic state, when it is placed for construction purposes, so it becomes necessary to provide some temporary structure to confine and support the concrete, till it gains sufficient strength for self-supporting. The temporary structure is known as Formwork or shuttering. Convention Shuttering has been used at construction site. Fig. Formwork and Shuttering provided at construction site 10.1. Requirement of the formwork Good forms for concrete structure should satisfy the following requirements It should be strong enough to resist the pressure or the weight of the fresh concrete and the superimposed loads due to equipment, men etc. This requires careful design of formwork, because the consideration of overloads will affect the economy whereas of under loads may cause failure of formwork. It should be rigid enough to retain the shape without undue deformation. It must be made or constructed so light that it does not allow the cement paste to leak through the joints The inside surface of the formwork must be smooth so as to give good appearance to the resulting concrete surface. To achieve this, the inside surface of the formwork is usually applied with crude oil or soft soap solution. This also facilitates the removal of formwork. The entire formwork should be so made that it can be removed easily without causing the least injury to the surface or edges of the concrete. It should be made economical by reading the cost through proper design, construction and use of formwork. 10.2. Removal of the formwork The period for which forms should be left in a place depends upon the temperature of air, the shape and position of structural member (i.e., horizontal vertical or inclined), the nature of the loads likely to come and the character of cement and cement paste. Generally, the use of rapid hardening cement, higher temperatures, low water cement ratio and lighter loads, will permit early removal of formwork. Under normal conditions where temperature is above 200C and ordinary cement is used, forms may be removed after the expiry of period given below Particulars of structural period of member removing formwork Vertical slides of slabs, beams, columns and wall 24 – 48 hours Bottom of slabs up to 4.5 m 7 days Bottom of slabs above 4.5 m bottom of slabs up to 6 m 14 days Bottom of beams or slabs over 6 m 21 days CHAPTER 11 SLABS 11.1. THEORY OF SLABS Slabs are plate elements forming floors and roofs of building and carrying distributed loads primarily by flexure. A slab may be supported by beams or walls and may be used as the flange of a T or L-beam. The common shapes of slabs are square, rectangular, triangular and circular Slabs are designed by using the theories of bending and shear. The following methods of analysis are commonly used for the design of slabs. Elastic analysis-idealization in strips or beams Semi empirical coefficients as given in the code Yield line theory Slabs are classified mainly into four types 1. One-way slabs 2. Two-way slabs 3. One- Way Continuous 4. Two- way Continuous 1. ONE-WAY SLABS One-way slabs are those supported continuously on the two opposite sides so that the loads are carried along one direction only, in general when the aspect ratio Ly/Lx is greater than 2. The direction in which the load is carried in one-way slabs is called the span. It may be in the long or short direction. One-way slabs are usually made to span in the shorter direction since the corresponding bending moments and shear forces are the least. The main reinforcement is provided in the span direction. Steel is also provided in the transverse direction to distribute any unevenness that may occur in loading and to avoid the temperature and shrinkage effects in that direction. The steel is called distribution steel or secondary reinforcement. The main steel is calculated from the bending moment consideration and under no circumstances should it be less than the minimum specified by the code. The secondary reinforcement provided that, is usually the minimum specified by the code for such reinforcement. 2. TWO-WAY SLABS Two-way slabs are those slabs that are supported continuously on all four sides and of such dimensions that the loads are carried to the supports along both directions. In two-way slabs, the slab is stiffened along both the directions by providing main steel reinforcement along both the directions. In general slabs are designed as two-way slabs when the aspect ratio Ly/Lx is less than 2. Generally two-way slabs are economical than one-way slabs. 3. ONE WAY CONTINUOUS SLABS When span is larger than 4.5m in any one direction, we can go for one-way continuous slabs 4. TWO WAY CONTINUOUS SLABS When span is larger than 4.5m in any one direction, we can go for Two-way continuous slabs The maximum permissible span length of slabs is considered as follows Support conditionCantileversSimply supportedFixed/continuousSlab typeOne-wayTwo-wayOne-wayTwo-wayOne-wayTwo-wayMax span(m) 11.2 LOADING ON ONE-WAY SLABS When the slabs are supported at both edges, the total load will be distributed to both the edges at proportions depending upon the support conditions. When the support conditions at both edges are same either simply supported or continuous, then the load will be equally distributed to both the edges, and each equal to 0.5 WuL is the total load on slab per meter width. When the support conditions at both the edges are different i.e. one is continuous and the other is simply supported then the load distributed to them will also be different, the load carried to the continuous edge will be more because of the more stiffness due to more steel reinforcement than at simply supported edge. Here the load carried to the continuous edge is equal to 0.6 WuL, whereas the load carried to the simply supported edge equal to 0.4 WuL. CHAPTER 12 BEAMS 12.1 BEAMS THEORY A reinforced concrete beam should be able to resist tensile, compressive and shear stresses induced in it by the loads on the beam. Concrete is fairly strong in compression but very weak in tension. Plain concrete beams are thus limited in carrying capacity by the low tensile strength. Plain concrete beams are thus limited in carrying capacity by the low tensile strength. Steel is very strong in tension. Thus, the tensile weakness of concrete is overcome by the provision of reinforcing steel in the tension zone around the concrete to make a reinforced concrete beam. There are three types of beams. Singly reinforced beams. Double reinforced beams Flanged beams. A) SINGLY REINFORCED BEAMS In singly reinforced simply supported beams reinforcing steel bars are placed near the bottom of the beam where they are most effective in resisting the tensile bending stresses. In singly reinforced cantilever beams reinforcing bars are placed near the top of beam. B) DOUBLY REINFORCED BEAMS A doubly reinforced beam is reinforced both in compression and tension regions. The section of the beam may be a rectangular, T or L section. The necessity of using steel in the compression zone arises due to two main reasons as follows When the depth of the beam is restricted the strength available from a singly reinforced beam is inadequate. At support of continuous beam where bending moment changes sign. C) FLANGED BEAMS In most reinforced concrete structures, concrete slabs and beams are cast monolithic. Thus, beam form part of the floor system together with the slab. In bending the slab forming the top part of the beam at mid span would be in compression for a definable width greater than the width of the rid (or the beam) thus increasing the moment of resistance for given rib width. At continuous supports the position is reversed. The slab in tension and part of it have cracked in tension, this beam is equivalent to rectangular section at the supports. 12.2. SECONDARY BEAMS A secondary beam is a beam that transfers load to a primary beam. In a floor made of beams the secondary beams connect primary beams that connect to the columns. CHAPTER 13 STAIR CASE 13.1. INTRODUCTION TO STAIR CASE The purpose of staircase is to provide pedestrian access to different levels within a building. The geometrical forms of staircases may be quite different depending on the individual circumstances involved. They are two main components of a staircase Stairs landing slab. The stairs and landing slab can be arranged in different forms to get different types of staircases. In the shape and structural arrangement of a staircase would generally depend on two main factors. Type of construction of the structure around the stair case i.e. load bearing brick structure or reinforced concrete structure Availability of space Classification of Staircases Straight stair Quarter turn stair Half turn stair (open newel type or open well stair) Dog-legged stair Open newel stair with quarter space landing Geometrical stairs such a circular stair, spiral stair etc. 13.2. General Principles Between consecutive floors there should be an equal rise per every parallel step. Similarly, there should be equal going There should be at least 2m head room measured vertically above any step. The sum of going of a single step plus twice the rise should be between 550mm and 700mm. The rise of step should not be more than 200mm. The slope or pitch if stair way should not be more than about 380 13.3. EFFECTIVE SPAN IN STAIRS The effective span of stairs without stringer beams shall be taken as the following horizontal distances Where supported at top and bottom risers by beams spanning parallel with the risers, the distance center to center of beams, Where spanning on to the edge of a landing slab, which spans parallel, with the risers, a distance equal to the going of the stairs plus at each end either half the width of the landing or one meter, whichever is smaller, and Where the landing slab spans in the same direction as the stairs, they shall be considered as acting together to form a single slab and the span determined as the distances center to center of the supporting beams or walls, the going being measured horizontally. 13.4. DISTRIBUTION OF LOADING In the case of stairs with open wells, where spans partly crossing at right angles occur, the load on the areas common to any two such spans may be taken as one half in each direction. Where flights or landings are embedded into walls for a length of not less than 110mm and are designed to span in the direction of the flight, a 150mm strip may be deducted from the loaded area and the effective breadth of the section increased by 75mm for purpose of design. CHAPTER 14 BRICK WORK 14.1. Introduction Brick, the most important tiny piece for construction works is used by human for many years back. Its history goes back to some of the earliest times in the civilization of men. Many world famous archaeological excavations provide much information about the brick uses in different parts of the world. Many years back, bricks were made at warm places and simply placed in the Sunlight for hardening. The hand-shaped, Sun-dried, mud bricks were made and used during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Period. The oldest examples of brick use were first found in Southern Turkey. The Sumerian palace at Kish, in Mesopotamia, was another great example of the ancient use of bricks. In the 5th century B.C., burnt bricks were used in the wall of the city of Babylon. The ancient Egyptians also used Sun dried clay bricks in their numerous world famous historic monuments. During the period of the Roman Empire, the use of bricks spread throughout the Europe and spread in Italy and the Byzantine. In the 11th century, use of bricks in the construction work had spread from these lands to France. 14.2. Brick Masonry Brick masonry is used for construction of buildings and other structures by usingbrick stone,stone blocks,brick blockswith different types of masonry. Recommendations for good Brick Masonry Construction Practices are Accuracy and Tolerances Appearances Durability Structural Performance Weather-Tightness Thermal Performance 14.3. Type of Bond Types of bonds in brick masonry wall construction are classified based on laying and bonding style of bricks in walls. The bonds in brick masonry is developed by the mortar filling between layers of bricks and in grooves when bricks are laid adjacent to each other and in layers in walls. Mostly used material for bonds in brick masonry is cement mortar. Lime mortar and mud mortar are also used. The most commonly used types of bonds in brick masonry are Stretcher bond Header bond English bond and Flemish bond CHAPTER 15 PLASTERING 15.1. Introduction The earliest plasters known to us were lime-based. Around 7500 BC, the people of Ain Ghazal in Jordan used lime mixed with unheated crushed limestone to make plaster which was used on a large scale for covering walls, floors, and hearths in their houses. Often, walls and floors were decorated with red, finger-painted patterns and designs. In ancient India and China, renders in clay and gypsum plasters were used to produce a smooth surface over rough stone or mud brick walls, while in early Egyptian tombs, walls were coated with lime and gypsum plaster and the finished surface was often painted or decorated. 15.2. Tools Materials Tools and materials include HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trowel o Trowel trowels, floats, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer o Hammer hammers, screeds, a HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawk_(plasterer27s_tool) o Hawk (plasterers tool) hawk, scratching tools, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utility_knife o Utility knife utility knives, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lath o Lath laths, lath HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nail_(fastener) o Nail (fastener) nails, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime_(mineral) o Lime (mineral) lime, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sand o Sand sand, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair o Hair hair, HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaster_of_Paris o Plaster of Paris plaster of Paris, a variety of HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cement o Cement cements, and various ingredients to form HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_wash o Color wash colour washes. While most tools have remained unchanged over the centuries, developments in HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Materials_science o Materials science modern materialshave led to some changes. Trowels, originally constructed from steel, are now available in a HYPERLINK https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycarbonate o Polycarbonate polycarbonatematerial that allows the application of certain new, acrylic-based materials without staining the finish. Floats, traditionally made of timber (ideally straight-grained, knot-free, yellow pine), are often finished with a layer of sponge or expanded polystyrene. CHAPTER 16 ONGOING WORK Fig. Ground markings at construction site. Fig. Formwork and reinforcement for footing at construction site. Fig. Casting of a footing at construction site Fig. Footings at construction site. Fig. Starter marking at construction site Fig. Starter on pedestal at construction site. Fig. Reinforcement for plinth beams at construction site. Fig. Laying plinth beams at construction site. Fig. Plinth beams at construction site. Fig. Levelling for giving levels for slab. Fig. Reinforcement for slab at construction site. Fig. Manufacture of cement bricks at construction site. Fig. Bricks used at construction site. Fig. Construction of Brick wall at construction site. Fig. Plastering work at construction site. CONCLUSION Under the guidance of Mr. Mynampati Narendhar Reddy (Dy. Executive Engineer) as a mentor, I got opportunity to understand the technical and managerial aspect of residential housing project. The main aim of studies within this project was to investigate how a structure is constructed within its desired properties. I got to know the basic and advanced techniques of a building construction as well as saw the challenges which a civil engineer has to face during construction i.e., labor problems, cost management, environmental challenges etc. I cleared many of my doubts regarding building construction. Overall it must be said that the construction methods and quality control on a residential project needs a very good coordination and large quantities of man power, equipment and funds. During the period of 30 days all the site staff helped us a lot to provide all the information about any query. So, I am grateful to TSHCL for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow. REFERENCES (1) Vazrani ratwani vol-1, Analysis of structures edition 2010, pp254-356. (2) Ramamrutham Theory of structures edition 2010, pp 291-582 (3) Bhavikatti vol-2analysis of structures edition 2009, pp 97-138,207-226. (4) S.P. Pandit, Gupta Advanced analysis of structures edition 2009, pp125-134. (5) Concrete Technology by M.S. Shetty (5) IS CODE 4562000 (6) IS 875 (PART 2)-1987 (7) IS 875 (PART 3 PAGE MERGEFORMAT 2 Page 60 Page L(aB2(qA9r8
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