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A volunteer is a person who expresses a willingness to undertake a service. It means that you are offering something, something not required or that you are obligated to do. I would like to think I am a volunteer. The optimist inside me spies a hope that what I am doing is helping. In some way, large or small, I am capable of doing good. I am connected with the problem as well as apart of the solution. Through volunteerism I believe that the goals of Vision 2030 Jamaica can be reached.

Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan has four national goals. One goal is to ensure that Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. To achieve this goal the government has implemented various measures. Some of which are the renovation of primary and secondary health care facilities, expansion and opening of new schools and relaunching the Creative Production Training Centre’s (CPTC). Volunteerism can play a major role in achieving this goal for example the renovation of the schools.

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Another goal is that Jamaica has a healthy natural environment. The national outcomes for this goal are sustainable management and use of environmental natural resources, hazard risk reduction and adaptation to climate change and sustainable urban and rural development. Efforts to realize this goal include coastal clean ups, repairing minor water systems and major roadways and strengthening anti-litter laws.

In my community one goal form Vision 2030 Jamaica which we could benefit form is the goal of Jamaica has a healthy natural environment. I am from the beautiful parish of Portland but our parish needs cleaning at the moment. To make my community a healthier environment I have participated in beach clean ups but more is still needed to be done. The roads on the way to the Rio Grande River could use a good fixing up.

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