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A Person specification is a profile written by the firm and outlines the type of person they want by specifying key skills, qualifications and experience needed.

The person specification could be an advantage to Brownings Bus & Coach Company and other employers because the essentials for the job are specified and if the applicant feels that they fit the attributes and skills needed, then they will be more likely to apply thus making the hiring process for the company much easier.

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However, creating a person specification could be time-consuming. This is because the employer must ensure that all the requirements for the candidate are put down on paper and that nothing important is missed out, as they might be key in what the business is looking for. In addition to this, the employer should never include any requirements or specifications that are not applicable to the job position being filled as this could put some potential candidates off, making them less likely to apply.

Job Description:

A Job description is a document that is used by employers to describe the general tasks and the main responsibilities & duties that are expected to be done by the new employee who fills the position advertised.

One benefit of a job description is that before a candidate applies for a position, they know what duties and level of performance are expected from them. This is good for the candidate as they can be prepared for the standard they will need to have if accepted into the position as they were aware from right at the beginning.

Candidates view a job description as a document of what they are supposed to do and not to. However, if an employer has not included some tasks that are needed to be performed, some employees may be unwilling to perform these. This is because it was not stated in the job description therefore the candidate was unaware of it.

Job Advertisement:

A Job Advertisement is the announcement of a specific vacancy which is available. A job advert should include the company name, job title, salary, place, job description etc. job adverts are usually found on online websites however it could also be found in some stores, depending on what kind of vacancy it is.

Brownings Bus & Coach Company will make use of a job advert as it provides vital information that can attract applicants and fill vacancies. As a result, the applicant who is viewing the advert can decide whether the job is for them or not by reading the information given.

On the other hand, sometimes with job adverts, the information can be insufficient. For example, an individual who is interested in applying for the job advertised may be interested in knowing information about the salary. However, with some adverts, the salary stated would be labelled as ‘negotiable’; and this could discourage the person from applying.

CV/Cover Letter:

CV also is known as ‘Curriculum Vitae’, provides an overview of a person’s qualifications, employment history, skills, hobbies/interests etc. The main purpose of a CV is to allow the employer to see in detail more about the candidate applying for the job, and whether they can take on the job role.

CV’s are useful because they allow the company to judge whether the candidate has the appropriate skills, experience, and qualifications for the job. They are also useful because a CV can be updated at any time, which means as an individual’s career grows, they will have more information to put on it.

However, with a CV, it may be hard for the individual to make themselves stand out. Employers glance and sift through many CV’s a day finding the relevant information they’re looking for, which means that if you have a CV that is extremely long and detailed, it is unlikely that they will consider you and be put at the bottom of the pile or be disposed of completely.

A cover letter is a brief introduction to five a first impression of the candidate to the employer. It is written to highlight any qualifications the candidate may have for the job that they’re applying for. It is often used to provide the employer with additional information as to why you may a good candidate for the job.

A cover letter is useful because it gives candidates a chance to briefly show their personality to an employer before the interview. A cover letter acts as a selling agent as it is meant to sell you in the best possible way

Cover letters are created by applicants wanting to give the employer a first impression however, applicants may give off a wrong impression. It is important for an applicant’s cover letter to draw the employer’s attention because if the cover letter is not serving an interest to them, they may skip though reading the CV and discard the application altogether.

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