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A credible source should have correct references and should be published from a reliable source. You need a neutral source of information that isn’t easily edited. Neutral newspapers and magazines are good,

A newspaper is a credible source, right? So a newspaper’s website would also be considered a credible source (in most cases). For example,–the New York Times website–would count.

Anything verified by an expert or published research is usually credible

it is best to use a database like EBSCOhost

credible basically means trustworthy. If your friend tells you about the civil war with very little knowledge on the subject hes not a credible source. But if a history professor who has written multiple books on the civil war describes it to you then its a credible source.

(Note: when using a search engine it can be helpful to add to your search words and sometimes or This will limit your search results, but focus your search to reliable sources. Always explore the “About us” pages on organizational sites to learn about their focus or objective in posting the information.)

the article databases eg. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Academic Onefile, Academic Search Premier, Opposing Viewpoints, etc

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