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a) Some key processes for a healthcare organization might be locating ways to try and reduce cost while also maintain good patient care. The goal should be to provide quality healthcare, and this can be done by concentrating on the patients. They should be able to pull research to figure out what treatments and medicines worked and the ones that does not in order to provide the best healthcare possible to their patients.
b) There are several potential causes of variations that could have an impact and they are the different kind of illness that has to be treated, the healthcare system and managing the different problems that patients may have.
c) Special causes that might be more important than others would be one patient may benefit from a specific medicine curing the patient, while it may cause difficulties with others resulting in death.
d) Health-care organizations may actually change constantly since technology continues to evolve rapidly. Creating a strategy so they can focus on the growth through technology and to gain the resources needed to become more efficient in the future.

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