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(Darwish, 2014) explains the importance and the building of the smart sustainable buildings for the conservation of energy and to reduce energy wastage to minimum. To think about the future of building is important in order to meet the foreseen challenges of technology, environment and society. (Darwish, 2014) uses the word “Green Building” in his research for this smart and technological advanced buildings. These Green Buildings is an important step toward sustainability and clever energy consumption. Green Buildings will strive not only because of the ability of conservation of energy and sustainability but for economic consideration and comfort ability. An important statistic that (Darwish, 2014) uses is that Building in the United States of America uses 65 percent of the total energy and contribute 30 percent to greenhouse gas emission. There has been a lot of awareness about the environmental impact of energy wastage and the effect greenhouse gases on the world. These smart buildings will help lower these environmental concerns. Furthermore, (Darwish, 2014) talks about Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), which consist of Middle-Eastern countries and their buildings energy consumption (48% of total energy) and wastage trends and Carbon dioxide emission. The research also explain the development and installation of the system. The system can be monitored by using cameras, computers and innovative designs and linking it will government girds and different cities. (Darwish, 2014) also describe the advantages of the smart buildings and economic and environmental stability it brings.
(Ahmed, 2014) explains the importance of energy consumption in Pakistan. Energy, an important component of economic development and growth, has an increasing demand in all sectors of Pakistan. Pakistan have been facing a major energy shortage for the last two to three decades and a major for this shortage is the energy wastage and losses, as in 2009 energy losses were around 3.8 billion which is about 2.5 percent of GDP. Energy conservation is an important requirement for Pakistan and these smart building will reduce the energy losses by 30 percent or more of energy. (Ahmed, 2014) collected data from National Energy Conservation Center (ENERCON) and the hypothesis was piloted on few household in Islamabad. The research mainly focuses on the importance of the rooftops and the improvement of the traditional household rooftops. The article explain the three technique (insulate rooftop, reflective rooftop and radiant barrier technique (false ceiling)) that can be used to improve rooftop thermal performance along the cost and benefits collectively. (Ahmed, 2014) uses the world “Building envelope” for these modern constructions and how these systems can be constructed. Lastly, author talks about the Pakistani government role in this and the missing link in Pakistan Housing Policies and suggest certain ideas and strategies that can be used to implement this project nationally.
(Syal & Ofei-Amoh, 2013) explains the techniques and implementation of smart technology in the household and the new products that can be introduced in this technology. An increase of 30 percent can be seen in the energy consumption demand in U.S household by year 2030. Smart grid will help reduce the energy wastage and losses so that this growing demand can be met. (Syal & Ofei-Amoh, 2013) lists the five major smart grid technology that can be and are being used but mainly focuses on the two which are Advanced Metering Insfrasture (AMI) and Home Area Network (HANs). Advance Metering Infrastructure technology makes the grid a dynamic system by introducing smart meters and communications network. AMI will let the users track their energy usage and remotely control their appliances. On the other hand, Home Area Network interconnects the appliances and the renewable energy generating sources and is very easily implemented in the household. A major benefit of this smart technology is that consumer get to know their real time energy consumption data.

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