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The concept of CSR has only focused public listed companies, private companies and state-owned business and they also publish CSR report, but a few of the SME’s studies have focused on the impact of CSR on firm and innovation performance. Various studies have focused some specific dimension of CSR, but this research focuses on five dimensions of CSR (such as customers, suppliers, local community, employees and environmental responsibility) at Pakistani context (Conesa et al., 2016). The newness of my study is to explore the research with mediating role of innovation performance and moderating role of firm competitive intensity. The gap still exists in Pakistan context SME’s do not focus on CSR practices want to motivate owner manager of SME’s to implement policies of CSR in their business. Most of studies considered specific sectors but my research focus is not only on manufacturing business, servicing business and trading business but their comparison which makes my research more unique and refine.

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