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Introduction. The main objective of this part is to feature the firm-determinants of the payout Policy through featuring the kinds of payouts, sorts of dividend approaches and put a concentration on Egyptian securities exchange recorded payout paying and payout non-paying firms in connection to various ventures and divisions when the firm makes payout decision , it must pick what to do with those earnings. They could continue holding the earnings inside the association, or they could pay out the earning to the proprietors of the firm as benefits. Although there is a huge body of knowledge and rich both kinds of researches and empirical study still there is no consensus of the dividend policy still, the dividend policy is one of the most controversial subjects is finance in which it should incorporate a lot of important inquiries to the stakeholders. A payout is required to be given to esteem shareholders as they are being the most astonishing perils. This chapter is divided into the following sections 1.1. Definition and sorts of Dividend. 1.2. Egyptian listed firms sectors and cash dividends-based classification. 1.3.Motivation. 1.4.Research problem and goals. 1.5 Research Objectives. 1. Definition and sorts of Dividend 1.1. Definition of dividends: The Dividend is the part of earnings that should be paid out, all around, after some time? Moreover, An aggregate of money paid as often as possible (commonly yearly) by an association to its shareholders out of its earnings (or shares). Typically issued in genuine cash and, they perhaps issued as stock or property. The dividend on favored offers is all around a settled whole;

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