JOURNAL OF LATEX CLASS FILES, VOL. 14, NO. 8, AUGUST 20151Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Near FutureJahanzaib Shabbir, and Tarique AnwerAbstract—AI technology has long history which is actively and constantly changing and growing. It focuses on intelligent agents,which contains devices that perceives environment and based on which takes actions in order to maximize goal success chances. Inthis paper, we will explain the modern AI basics and various representative applications of AI. In context of modern digitalized world,Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the property of machines, computer programs and systems to perform the intellectual and creative functionsof a person, independently find ways to solve problems, be able to draw conclusions and make decisions. Most artificial intelligencesystems have the ability to learn, which allows people to improve their performance over time. The recent research on AI tools,including machine learning, deep learning and predictive analysis intended toward increasing the planning, learning, reasoning,thinking and action taking ability 1. Based on which, the proposed research intended towards exploring on how the human intelligencediffers from the artificial intelligence 2. In addition, on how and in what way, the current artificial intelligence is clever than the humanbeings. Moreover, we critically analyze what the state-of-the art AI of today is capable of doing, why it still cannot reach human levelintelligence and what are the open challenges existing in front of AI to reach and outperform human level of intelligence. Furthermore, itwill explore the future predictions for artificial intelligence and based on which potential solution will be recommended to solve it withinnext decades 2.F1 INTRODUCTIONThe term intelligence refers to the ability to acquireand apply different skills and knowledge to solve a givenproblem. In addition, intelligence is also concerned withthe use of general mental capability to solve, reason, andlearning various situations 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22, 23. Intelligence is integrated with various cognitivefunctions such as; language, attention, planning, memory,perception. The evolution of intelligence can basically isstudied about in the last ten years. Intelligence involvesboth Human and Artificial Intelligence . In this case, criticalhuman intelligence is concerned with solving problems,reasoning and learning. Furthermore, humans have simplecomplex behaviors which they can easily learn in their entirelife 24.2 WHICH OF THESE AND IN WHAT LEVEL CAN TO-DAYS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DO?Todays Artificial Intelligence (robotics) has the capabilitiesto imitate human intelligence, performing various tasksthat require thinking and learning, solve problems andmake various decisions. Artificial Intelligence software orprograms that are inserted into robots, computers, or otherrelated systems which them necessary thinking ability 25.However, much of the current Artificial Intelligence systems(robotics) are still under debate as they still need moreresearch on their way of solving tasks. Therefore ArtificialIntelligence machines or systems should be in position toperform the required tasks by without exercising errors.In addition, Robotics should be in position to performvarious tasks without any human control or assistance24. Todays artificial intelligence such as robotic cars arehighly progressing with high performance capabilities suchas controlling traffic, minimizing their speed, making fromself-driving cars to the SIRI, the artificial intelligence israpidly progressing 26. The current attention towards por-traying the artificial intelligence in robots for developingthe human-like characteristics considerably increases thehuman dependence towards the technology. In addition,the artificial intelligence (AI) ability towards effectivelyperforming every narrower and cognitive task considerablyincreases the peoples dependence towards the technology27. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools having the abilityto process huge amounts of data by computers can givethose who control them and analyze all the information.Today, this considerably increases the threat which makessomeone’s ability to extract and analyze data in a massiveway 24. Recently, Artificial intelligence is reflected as theartificial representation of human brain which tries to sim-ulate their learning process with the aim of mimicking thehuman brain power. It is necessary to reassure everyone thatartificial intelligence equal to that of human brain which isunable to be created 25. Till now, we operate only partof our capabilities. As currently, the level of knowledge israpidly developing, it takes only a part of the human brain.As the potential of human brain is incommensurably higherthan we can now imagine and prove. Within human brain,there are approximately 100 trillion electrically conductingcells or neurons, which provide an incredible computingpower to perform the tasks rapidly and efficiently. It isanalyzed from the research that till now computer has theability to perform the tasks of multiplication of 134,341 by989,999 in an efficient manner but still unable to perform thethings like the learning and changing the understanding ofworld and recognition of human faces 28.3 WHERE DOES THE HUMAN INTELLIGENCE DIF-FER FROMAI?Artificial intelligence refers to the potential of computercontrolled machines/robots towards performing tasks thatthat almost or similar to human beings. In this case, Ar-tificial intelligence is used to develop various robots thathave human intellectual characteristics, behaviors, learningfrom past experience, have abilities to sense, and abilitiesarXiv:1804.01396v1 cs.AI 1 Apr 2018
JOURNAL OF LATEX CLASS FILES, VOL. 14, NO. 8, AUGUST 20152to making predications and determine meaning of certainsituation 29. Robotic technology is largely trending inthe current life which has gained popularity in varioussectors such as industries, hospitals, schools, military, music,gaming, quantum science and many others 28. ArtificialIntelligence is an efficient means that make computers andsoftware control robotic thinking with expert systems thatsignificantly illustrate the intelligent behavior, learning andeffectively advice users. In general, AI is basically known asthe ability or potential of robotics to decide, solve problemsand reason 30. There are various innovations of ArtificialIntelligence, for example robotic cars which dont require adriver to control or supervise them. In addition, artificiallyintelligent technology (robots) involves smart machines thatprocess a large amount of data that a human being cantbe in position to perform. By so robotics are assumingrepetitive duties that require creativity and knowledge base.Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combinationof various technologies that give chance to robotics to un-derstand, learn, perceive or complete human activities ontheir own 2. In this case, Artificial Intelligence programs(robots) are built for a specific purpose such as learning,acting and understating whereas humans intelligence isbasically concerned with various abilities of multitasking.In general, an Artificial Intelligence tool is majorly con-cerned with emphasizing robotics which portrays humanbehaviors. But however, Artificial Intelligence may fail outat some points due to differences in human brain andcomputers. In brief, Artificial Intelligence has the potentialto mimic human character or behaviors 31. Furthermore,Artificial intelligence is currently partially developed with-out advanced abilities to learn on their own but insteadgiven commands to act on. This will be the ultimate futureof artificial intelligence, where the AI machines will berecognized the human behavior and emotions and will traintheir kernel as per it 32.4 WHY CANT WE TELL THAT TODAYSAIIS ASCLEVER AS HUMAN BEINGS?Generally, there are various paths towards building theintelligent machines that enables the humans to build thesuper-intelligent machines and provide ability to machinestowards redesigning their own programming in order toincrease their intelligence level, which is usually consideredas the intelligence explosion. In contrast, the shielded hu-man hunt is basically the emotion. The breakthrough ofAI technology can frighten the humanity in a way thatmachine are unable to effectively transmit the emotions.So, there may be possibility that AI can support us withthe tasks and functions which usually not involves thefeelings and emotion. Till now, AI machines are not ableto control their process, for which they need the intelligenceand mind of human beings 32. But AI development withsame pace may cause threat to the humanity, because theself-learning ability may cause the AI machines to learndestructive things, which may cause killing of humanity ina drastic way. In general, there exist various characteristicswhich distinguish human level intelligence with Artificialintelligence and they include the following;Thinking ability; it can be both positive as well as neg-ative because of having emotions, which are not with AImachines. The lack of machines emotion may lead to de-structive in a situation where emotions are required. RusselStuart believes that machines would be able to think in aweak manner. In general, there are things that computerscannot do, regardless of how they are programmed andcertain ways of designing intelligent programs are doomedto failure sooner or later 33. Therefore, most accurateidea would be to think that it is


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