1. A firm specific advantage is the extraordinary quality a particular firm has, such as applying successful management principles or strategic way of manufacturing diverse operations, factors that distinguish one company fully from another one.
2. Because of Honda’s huge success, the company has established branches in almost 35 countries all over the world and because of that their motorized products has been made accessible and therefore sold to large group of people globally.
3. Verbeke sheds some light on the differences between the internationally transferable FSAs and the location- bound FSAs.
4. Some of them are location- bound because it presents a difficulty for some other company to copy these FSAs, because of their inimitable characteristics.
5. The specific advantages could only be applied to the particular area (or a country) where the firm is founded.
6. For instance a Bulgarian company for rose butter „ Rose Valley ” could only be flourishing in Bulgaria, because of the climate and sort of roses.
7. The research and development centers are still located in Japan.
8. The main aim of International Business is to find out an efficient way of transferring a firm specific advantage elsewhere without losing or demolishing its value.
9. The recourses the author talks about are the ones that are outstanding and could eventually form a strategy.
10. Of course, the company used recourses such as financial recources and physical recourses.
12. The advantages could be use to outstand some other firms.


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