1.1. The law in the UK covers the following aspects:
• Minimum wage,
• hours working,
• discrimination,
• health and safety,
• holiday entitlement,
• redundancy and dismissal,
• training,
• disciplinary procedures.

• Pay :- being paid and payslips, company sick pay rights and performance-related pay
• Employment contracts and conditions:- contract of employment, changes to employment conditions and breach of contract
• The national minimum wage :- the national minimum wage rates and calculating the national minimum wage
• Time off and holidays :- annual leave and holiday, time to train ( request time at work to learn new skills) and time off for dependants
• Working hours: – working time limits (the 48 hour week), rest breaks and over time.
• Flexible working :- the right to request flexible work, working from home and part- time work Sickness absence:- time off for sickness and statement of fitness for work( fit note)
• Business transfers and takeover:- employment protection during business transfers and takeovers and transfers of employment contracts

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1.3. legislation relating to employment exists to stop employers abusing and taking advantage of its employees, it protects against discrimination at work and means all employees gets fair and equal pay, making each setting a safer and more efficient environment to work. There is also an increasing responsibility for employers to protect the health and safety of their employees.

1.4. When I need information and advice with regards to employment responsibilities and rights, I can find these within my contract provided by my employer at the start of my employment, or I can find this information written in the staff handbook. There are also policy and procedure documents available within my setting or I could ask a member of staff if I am unsure of my responsibilities.


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