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1.1- When delivering customer service to members of the public you should remember that their wants, needs and expectations are different and should be treated as three different things. If the customer wants something then this will reflect on how they would like to treated, you see members of the public being totally different when they’re trying to get something they want, sometimes if this is not applicable then they can become irate and angry. They may want a different product or a new one as it’s not the one they wanted, most of this is shaped around brand deals telling people it’s the best and then in reality it not being any good. Customers are always split into two one rational and one emotional, if they are thinking rationally then they are thinking of the sensible outcomes, if a customer is a little upset they may be thinking emotionally and can base their needs off this. Certain people may like a type of notebook and you should respect that, it is always worth keeping an eye on the customer as sometimes the business as a whole fail to see how important both type of public are.

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