1.How does this episode reflect the political reality of the 1950s? Write an original response that answers the question?

The Twilight Zone was the television series brocading during the 1950s, while the world was changing, so American society and culture too. This television series tries to capture the American mindset during the era. After World War II, Americans were hoped it will continuous for long time. Unfortunately, we involved in Korean war and same time cold war begins with Soviet Union. North Korea and Soviet Union, both countries were Communist as a result American leadership were sacred of it. There were Red Scare among American people. In the name of fighting communism, the people, media person, politicians were wrongfully accused. During the era, McCarthyism were in practice of making accusations of subversion and treason without proper evidence. President Truman signed and executive order to screen federal employees, Joseph McCarthy was the man behind it, he was senator from Wisconsin, and he tried to make American people Awareness that Communist especially Soviet Union can declare was any time. In the Twilight Zone episode, people were killing each other without proper evidence, people were panicking, sacred from each other. The episode clearly shows that people’s mindset, prejudice, thoughts are more dancegoers than bombs and explosions.

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2. Which character best represents the thinking of Joseph McCarthy in this period, and why?

Character Named Charlie in the Twilight zone episode represent the Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy, He was the man behind spread the Red Scare in the States, eventually know as McCarthyism fear. During McCarthyism era he accused the many famous actors involved in communism, many federal employees were screened to check whether they worked as for Soviet Union spy agents. In the name of clean the communism from American society, the Government scared own people, accused them without any evidence. In the show, Charlie was the first character who started shooting and after that situation were chaos. So, in my opinion character Charlie is best represents the thinking of Joseph McCarthy in the episode.


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