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1) Introduction and the brief history of a company:
Nestle S.A. a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland and it is the largest Food and beverage company. It was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle. It has employed around 250,000 people. It was incorporated in 1956. It as its head office in Haryana, India. It has more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favorites, and it present in 189 countries around the world. It explores its rich history and passion for nutrition. In 2016 management celebrated a landmark year: 150 anniversary. Nestle has a Board of directors, led by its chairman Paul Bulcke, who was the former Nestle CEO (Nestle, 2018).
2) Vision, mission and values of the organization:
Nestle’s purpose is enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. They want to help shape a better and healthier world. They state that they want to inspire people to live healthier lives. This is how they contribute to society while enduring the long-term success of our company. It has a unique set of values and guiding principles that have been built up over time. They believe in people rather than systems. Moreover, they committed to continuous improvement. Nestle’s corporate Business, Management & Leadership Principles describe the way that people throughout the Nestle group interact with one another day by day (Nestle, 2018).
3) The motivation of the employees in the organization:
a) Theories of motivation applied (Expectancy theory, Goal setting theory): Nestle empowering and encouraging staff members to do the best job they are capable of helps create job satisfaction, lowering turnover in the industry that has a reputation for energizing its employees. They applied the expectancy the

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