Communication is a process that creates and shares ideas, feelings and meanings in a speech whether written interaction or public speech. Usually processes involving individuals and their interactions with elemental elements such as channels, sounds (distractions), messages and feedback are accepted (Trenholm, 2008). Therefore, in communicating in our society we must follow the rules, norms and practices in communication to establish bilateral ties by assuming the feelings and thoughts of individuals who will receive the messages we want to convey.
In addition, communication in our daily lives is very important as it will create a two-way relationship between individuals. Therefore, although where we are, knowledge and expertise on how to communicate is essential to ensure mutual understanding between the two parties. Communication will occur when important information can be transferred from yourself to the people around who will receive the information they are about to convey (John Corner, 1993). This situation also requires both parties to understand the information they want to share. However, the lack of information and language that are not clearly communicated by the individual will cause such communication will not work perfectly. This situation also, by communicating we will be able to understand ourselves and others.
This communication theory is a framework of thought that describes a natural phenomenon or a particular social phenomenon such as description, explanation, assessment or prediction of human action based on the scientific methods that occur in communication. Communication theory is also a proven hypothesis that has been proven by the researchers who study it. Through this theory it can also be used by the managing director in ensuring that his employees can do good work. A director of this business should know the appropriate communication theories in ensuring that its functions as managing director can provide appropriate and appropriate directions to its employees. Thus, there is a function of communication theory carried out by managing affiliates such as controlling, organizing, clarity, focus, observation, predictive, heuristic and so forth.

1. Assist managing director to make predictions.
A managing director can predict how his employee interaction will grow so as to maintain a certain level of control. The managing director must use some kind of theory of how to talk with his employees to give a good understanding in order to achieve the vision of the organization. Although the observed events took place in the past, but based on data and observations, this should be made an estimate of what will happen if the things described by the theory are also reflected in today’s life. For example, this prediction function is very important for areas of communication research such as negotiation and change of attitudes, communication within organizations, small group dynamics, advertising, public communications and mass media. Through the predictions made by managing managers, something can yield better results as it can control and guess what will happen. Thus, the predictive function carried out by the managing director can anticipate something that will happen in the future.
2. The managing director can organize the framework.
Organizations refer to the tasks of managers or directors in forming an organizational structure that explains the preparation of works and the distribution of the work together with the resources required in the organization. This means that in observing our reality we can not do it separately because it needs to be done by team. In the realization of the plans that have been made, the managing director can formulate work to its employees so that management activities to distribute work and resources to its employees in order to achieve the goals of the organization. For example, there are sufficient capital, staff and raw materials in the organization so that the organization can run smoothly and be able to build a good working structure. Therefore, organizing the work by the managing director, it needs to be done carefully and takes into account the various aspects of employees and organizational resources so that the organizational management can run perfectly. Through the communication theory practiced can facilitate the managing director to conduct a very rigorous framework and achieve the goals of the organization.

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3. Managers can control the organization.
Controlling is the control measures and evaluating performance and taking corrective actions by the managing director in the event of an error in order to achieve the goals and vision of the organization. In t


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