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• Starting or moving school (infants to junior or senior)- you should talk to your child to find out what he thinks about the new school and ask any questions that explain why they need to start / start a new school. You should go with your child to a new school to familiarize child with the surroundings and talk to the teacher. It is important to involve the child in buying the things they need to start school. Assure them that everything will be alright, that a lot of friends and adventures await them.• Moving class – you should talk to the child about the whole situation and listen to his fears. Explain to the child why this is happening with the new class starts and ensure that everything will be fine.
• Starting college or university – by this age the young person should only need reassurance that they have chosen the right path, so answer any questions they have to the best of your ability and reassure them that they are doing well in whatever they are doing and have the full support of their parents and family.

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